Tulleuchen with the child Prodigy

The video title got me thinking that this was one of those infant-dubbing videos but it proved to be something different. That’s some crazy piano skills right there! That kid truly is a prodigy! Imagine a child like that actually playing that well. Hahaha. Took me some time to figure out the trick with that piano, though. Nevertheless, he looked like he was really the one playing it. The kid enjoyed pounding on the piano and making it sound like music. Hahaha.

(Title: Sorry This Channel Has Been Taken Over By An Infant, Be Back Later!)

I’m going to have my baby do the same thing and take a video of it. Only that I don’t have a baby yet, but when I do I will make him play like Beethoven or your baby. This is the kind that he’d love to watch when he grows older. He’d realize that he had force powers when he was young which enabled him to make the piano play by itself. Lol. I enjoy it everytime you post something family-oriented. A happy family is always such a delight. Had a good laugh watching this video. Let him do the drums next, perhaps? 🙂


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