Thomas Cheetham

My name is Thomas Cheetham
I’ve been on Youtube since 2006 first with account “tamas4x” which was hacked and I lost all of my previous videos. Now I’m working under the channel “thomasisnotatrain” Basically referring to the fact that I’ve hated being called Thomas the Train my entire life. Fun fact for you.
I started watching the youtuber “charlieissocoollike” which is what got me into making vlogs and such in the first place.
As I got older, filming and editing my videos made me realize me realize I want to spend the rest of my life doing film. I just moved from North Dakota to Seattle to make that a reality.
Nothing on my YouTube channel is very high in production value, everything Ive put endless months into has been projects I’m not allowed to most to one than more media but there’s a lot more high value stuff one the way! Vlogs and videos included.

I’m currently working on my short film “Verity” and a documentary “Emerald Dreamer”. I also like long walks in the park, long stem red roses, a small piece of key lime pie, and a little bit a cuddling afterwards. Stay tuned and you’ll see a lot more soon! Thanks for those of you that watch!