You tell me by Emily Kueppers

This video is a legit proof that people can be unbelievably hyperactive and can have very short attention span at two in the morning. Hahaha. From her journal, to her “nice” shirt and the coconut over somewhere which she got from a friend… she has really given a whole new meaning to the word “random.” Her extreme randomness is in fact freaking me out, in a funny nice way though.

That part when she said she once told her aunt, “tie my shoes damn it” instead of saying please, I laughed so hard the coke burst out of my nose. And god she can sing! But she got me laughing again when she randomly switched to The Little Mermaid’s Part of that World. Hahahaha. I love this girl, especially when she says that original BYYYYYE before the music score at the end. Haha

Emily Kueppers