Papa Kenn Media

What is Papa Kenn Media?

Papa Kenn Media is a project made to honor the name of my late grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox, who was a talented guitar player and singer; a lover of music; and a dedicated family man that adored his children and grandchildren.

The purpose of this project is to serve as a hub and outlet for myself in the creative arts and media on an increasingly professional scale. Through this outlet, I intend to continually improve myself and learn new skills, and aid various non-profit organizations and individuals as opportunities arise.

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Who is Papa Kenn?

The creator and owner of Papa Kenn Media is William Damron; a Kentucky native that now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his beautiful wife Jill and their three black-furred pets: Leila (a moody bunny), Charlie (a neurotic black lab), and Bella (a semi-psychotic kitten).