P.A.K. Cr3w

Whats up MN?! My name is AJ LeCour and I’m a youtube addict. Lol, my channel is all about dubstep & dancing. My two younger brothers and I (P.A.K CR3W) have only been dancing for about a year now, but show a lot of promise for a great future in dance. In the past year we have made a great name for ourselves in the “dubstep dance world”. We have been featured on many other popular channels such as: AirwaveDubstepTV, TheOfficialABH, itsMRich & more! Gerald LeCour, the youngest of the three is a force to be reckoned with. Being only 7 years old, he continues to drop jaws and WOW people at any age. 12 year old Alijah LeCour has some of the “sickest” footwork you will ever see. He’s very shy, but to us he’s the ladies man. Then theres me, 19 years old and always keeping my brothers in check 🙂 I’m known mostly for my arm waves & head isolations.

Our biggest goal as a group is to obviously be VERY successful on youtube, but to also inspire young kids & adults everywhere to do what they love to do! Overall We’re all very humble and kind to everyone we meet. So if you have any questions feel free to contact us in one of the links below and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel. Its FREE 😉

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