Eric Hanson (aka BlurryPhoenix)

**Featured Minnesota YouTuber for the month of October**!

Eric has been on YouTube for years. His previous channel (tsubassist) was opened in 2007, and consisted of anything that he thought was interesting. His new channel blurryphoenix on the other hand, was created to be vlog specific. He does weekly vlogs that range from sitting around and playing games to events like the one where he met SMPfilms, Katers17, and Projected Twin!
His personal life consists of working as a Junior Software Developer and as a System Administrator for Interceptor Entertainment (who’s developing Rise of the Triad). He moved to the Twin Cities a little over a year ago and is still setting roots. He has also been taking part in the Tipsy Pixels tournaments that have been held monthly at the Triple Rock Social Club, and will definitely be at Insert Coins when that opens. Yep, you guessed it, he’s a gamer!

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