Love Sarah Bull

Picture this, you are in your house chilling drinking orange juice, minding your own business, and all of sudden you stumble upon one of Sarah Bull’s videos at — Explosion, something weird begins happening inside of you. What it is, no one knows, but for sure you can’t stop watching. Then you begin feeling empathy, and care, and an overwhelming desire to talk to this girl. Why, now one knows…


If you have an answer to this mystery, please write it down in the comments below!

Papa Kenn Loves the Teletubbies

Loving  the Teletubbies, would be something childish and completely non-sense. With that being said we do NOT believe Papa Ken really like the Teletubbies or actually gollumanything that is bad or childish. The foundation for this comment comes from watching his great movie reviews at on YouTube. It is usually hard for us to disagree with his likes and dislikes, it seems we can actually read my mind and my comments about movies and games.

Papa Kenn latest review on in which he does an outstanding job reviewing The Hobbit with the voice of the Gollum. We couldn’t believe what a great performance he did. Papa is that your real voice?

TheLeaderGuy – Eh Doo Are Doh

We have heard it all, from Elguardo, to Egguardo, ElDorado, Edweirdo, Edwardo, Carlos, Juan Carlos but his real name is:




Is that so difficult? do you really know how to say a name? Or let me ask the question differently, how much do you practice it a name until you remember it and say it properly? Can you remember new names one week later? I have always wondered if remembering a name of a person you like is easier than remember a name of a person you don.