Hi! I’m Britt and I am a geek…nerd…freak…any of them are fine really…I never stood a chance since both of my parents are major Trekkies! I grew up on Star Trek, Star Wars, and The Andy Griffith Show! Okay…sitcoms in general…but Andy was a favorite of my father. Nowadays, I am what you would call an “Otaku.” Which in western terms…would be someone who loves Japanese cartoons and comics…oh and video games…I love those too!

Britt Halaas

As for my life as a YouTuber…I talk about all the things I just stated above…okay…not so much Andy…I’ve been vlogging since before there was a term for it. I used to put my parents’ big huge shoulder camera (anyone remember those? No? I’m that old? Oh boy…) on my bed and talk in front of it for hours…then show my family! I also attempt some form of comedy in all aspects of my life…but usually fail…because, let’s face it…I’m not really that funny. I am also a filmmaker and in the process of filming a documentary about conventions…yup…nerd! I am also in preproduction for two webseries! Basically…attempting to make some sort of career out of this thing we call entertainment.

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