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TheLeaderGuy – Eh Doo Are Doh

We have heard it all, from Elguardo, to Egguardo, ElDorado, Edweirdo, Edwardo, Carlos, Juan Carlos but his real name … [Read More...]

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pak cr3w

Pak Cr3w is breaking it – are you for real?

3 Brothers???  3 Crazy brothers, this is Amazing. How do you guys move your body like … [Read More...]

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Tulleuchen with the child Prodigy

Tulleuchen with the child Prodigy

The video title got me thinking that this was one of those infant-dubbing videos but it proved to be something different. … [Read More...]


Can’t Hug Every Cat (Gregory Brothers Cover)

"Thinking about a cat, again, and again, and again" Dan really? This is one of your best voices. We really like how high … [Read More...]


Outrageous First Sentence???

Please listen to the first sentence of his video??? isn't that crazy? Love it, really love it! Here you got him, Chad Wild … [Read More...]